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An Interview with Telia Teanna

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Today, we get to sit down with the author behind the trio we never thought we needed, Telia Teanna, to ask her a few questions about her latest release, “Ridin' For You."

Here’s a peek into the mind of another one of the hot new voices here at URBAN AINT DEAD:

1. The readers are dying to know what your thought process was when you decided to hit us with this love triangle in the form of Zyair, Zyan, and Ms. McKenzie?

Great question! There are so many layers that came with this story lol. When I first started Ridin’ For You, I went into the story knowing that I wanted to play “devil’s advocate.” I had no other plans but to write a story where the main female character was impulsive and acted completely out of the emotions that she always found herself consumed in. It took us all on an unexpected ride.

2. How has the process been converting from bookstagrammar/reader to a full fledge author?

The transition from being a reader and bookstagrammer to a full-time author hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I have always been both a reader and writer. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t do both, as they are both very big parts of who I am. I became a bookstagrammer on accident lmao. The way that I see it, God had somewhere for me to be because I stumbled upon the black/urban bookstaram community and it opened so many different doors for me. Writing was something that I always did as a personal hobby. I often wrote stories for myself and sometimes would write fanfiction, short stories, and other short works, on sites like Tumble, WattPad, etc., but I wrote purely just because I wanted to see more *cough* toxic *cough* love stories about broken people.
The hardest part of the transition is being disciplined about my writing habits. I get bored quick! Only part 1 is out and I am already ready to start my next series lol. I’m enjoying this process though as I get more clear about where I want to go with my writing career.

3. The sex scenes in this book were very detailed and I’m sure the visuals played in the readers mind even after they finished reading. Did you find it difficult writing them?

The sex scenes are the easiest parts for me to write actually. I think the reason it plays so vividly in readers minds is because when I write… I can see it playing out in my head, so I just write what I see lol. I think you can most definitely tell which scenes in this book I was really into while writing them.
I read some of the scenes back sometimes and be like, “damn… I wrote this filth?” LMAO.

4. This book has a certain level of toxicity, sprinkled with love, and unwavering loyalty.

How do you anticipate that playing out in part two?

If y’all thought part one was wild… then y’all ain’t ready for part two. I’m hella excited for part two because it’s going to put so many things into perspective for the readers, and a lot of the much-needed development for these characters is going to be able to happen. Part one set the scene, and part two is going to reveal how deep the love between characters is, how toxic all of their situations really are. Readers can get ready to see how far these characters are willing to go for love and loyalty.

5. At what point in the writing of this book did you say to yourself, this is the one?

I don’t think I ever got to that point with this book. Being that this is my first full length novel, I had a lot of anxiety about it just because I didn’t know how it would be received. It also taught me a lot about myself as a writer and my writing process, so I look at this book as being the first major stepping stone into developing my own style of writing. Proud of what I managed to create with this story, but I don’t think this is going to be “the one” for me. I think my next series is very much going to be that for me though.

6. As a new to you reader, how would you describe your writing style?

This is a hard one! I don’t think I’ve established my writing style yet, but what I can say is that you can expect a Telia Teanna book to show the different levels of extreme that can come with love, loyalty, and lust.

7. What can we look forward to in your stories to come?

Readers can look forward to more stories about tortured souls and their journeys to love, healing, and wholeness.

Ridin' For You is available for purchase NOW in the URBAN AINT DEAD shop. You can also read this title free with Kindle Unlimited, here.

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