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Ridin' For You

Ridin' For You


This is certainly the case for twin brothers, Zyan and Zyair. The brothers share a close bond and tell each other mostly everything but some secrets are held close to the vest. However, one woman is definitely not a secret but is absolutely their weakness—McKenzie. But is their weakness more trouble than she’s worth?

With Zyair being a heavyweight in the streets, he needs a down ass woman to be by his side and wants Kenzie to fulfill that role. When she declines, Zyair gets engaged to the next woman, in an attempt to make her jealous. However, his plan backfires but leaving Kenzie alone is not an option. Keeping Kenzie is a priority but things are shaken up when his twin comes home.

After doing a three-year bid, Zyan is back on the scene, expecting things to resume as normal. However, he gets a rude awakening when the pause button is pushed. While trying to adjust to his new normal, Zyan is yearningly pulled into an uninhibited zone while searching for long overdue answers.

For as long as McKenzie could remember, the twins have always been apart of her life. They are the yin and yang to her soul, filling her in different and pleasurable ways. However, her heart is twisted and tangled and her mind is confused and clouded —especially since she has soul ties to both Zyan and Zyair.
The lines are blurred, souls are stirred, and hearts are in shambles when sharing becomes a problem and feelings intensify. Damning truths are revealed, haunting secrets are disclosed, close connections are severed, and familial ties are restored. With lives hanging in the balance, find out the costly consequences that happen when a decision is rectified and loyalty is proven in book one of this urban fiction series, Ridin’ For You.

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