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Elijah R. Freeman

Elijah R. Freeman is from Riverdale, Georgia and is quickly becoming known as "The Future of Urban Fiction." Having experienced the trenches on both the streets and behind the wall, he gives you specifics, a far cry from the general tales of hoodlife the urban genre has become accustomed to.


In 2011 he was inspired to write Urban Fiction after reading "Trust No Man" by LockDown Publications C.E.O CA$H. After many rejected manuscripts, he signed with TMA and in 2017 he released his debut novel, "To Live With No One To Love." Encouraged by his writing mentor Thomas Habersham (Author of "Circle of Death"), he took up a correspondence course with Stratford Career Institute and after obtaining his Creative Writing Diploma, he signed his first traditional contract alongside the Urban face who had inspired him as a juvenile. He hopes to deliver a positive message to his generation in a way that they'll receive, and to prove without contradiction that Urban Fiction is alive and well.


"​Writing was never my dream. I just found myself at a point in my life where it was all I had," he says. "The sky was the limit, and I reached for it." Elijah R. Freeman is working hard on his second trilogy with Lockdown Publications and is building the brand for his own company, URBAN AINT DEAD.

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Meet The Authors

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Telia Teanna

Telia Teanna, born and raised is Stockton, California is a literary influencer
turned author. With a background in journalism and media arts, she took those skills
and used them to fuel a passion project called, “The Urban Hotspot,” where she began
sharing her love for urban fiction books.
After discovering a community of other book lovers, she eventually began sharing
another passion of hers, writing. Finding success in writing short stories, with lot of
support and encouragement from peers and her following, she was invited to participate
in an anthology titled: “90’s Kinda Love.”
With a promising literary career on the horizon, Telia intends to bring you sexy
and eccentric stories that will leave you lusting for more.


Lou Garden Price, Sr. 

Lou Garden Price, Sr., wrote his first manuscript in 1987 after becoming fascinated with stories he'd read by Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim, and many other Holloway House Publication classics.


 Having had a mother and stepfather who fiercely believed in a quality education, Lou attended Parochial/Montessori schools which provided him with a strong writing background.  Lou graduated from the Canisius College of Buffalo with an Associates degree in liberal arts and social sciences. He pursued his Bachelor's degree at H. Lehman College in the Bronx.  


From April 11, 2001, and all throughout his incarceration he has used his school education and his street education to create story after story.  His last novel--SOSAFROMSCARFACE:The Saga Begins--was his 18th novel and his proudest time as Author. Entertainment lawyer Nina M. Riley, Esq. (Free Agent Music Group); actor Chandra Bozelko (Orange is the New Black); and heavy hitting author Kwame "DUTCH" Teague are among a few who congratulated him on a phenomenal and gutsy work.


Lou's series "HITTAZ" was picked up by Elijah R. Freeman, CEO of Urban Aint Dead Publishing. Other publishers are trying to snatch him up but he says they can try all they want because he belongs to the U.A.D. Family now. HITTAZ Books 1, 2 & 3 are already written and the story breathes new life into a mediocre industry. The FOREWORD BY DUTCH says it all.


 Lou is currently incarcerated at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware, where he is working on HITTAZ 4 as of December 2021. He can easily be contacted via the prison's tablet system: account. Or by snail mail:  

Lou Garden Price, Sr., SBI #00454309,

1181 Paddock Road, JTVCC

Smyrna, DE 19977

Nai's Pic.jpg


Born and raised in Harlem, NY, Authoress Nai has always been ahead of her time. Her love for writing
and reading gave her the confidence to submit her first novel to a popular publishing house. After
completing her first three book series, she pushed forward in the game, building and expanding her
reader base. Now an author with 18 published books under her belt, Nai has staked her claim as the
“Hood Love Dealer” of the Urban Fiction genre. With her witty sense of humor and her NY swag, she has
the ability to bring her characters alive and take her reader’s on a journey they never forget. Enjoy the


Juhnell Morgan

JUHNELL MORGAN, raised in Chicago and forced into the system at a very young age, found himself
exposed to the violent street life and earned himself the title of a “gangster.” As the streets guarantee,
you will either end up in a cell or a casket, Juhnell landed a 50-year prison sentence at the age of 20 as
the result of the street life.

After spending his first 10 years in segregation, he had to make a change so he began focusing on
writing. Having been through the street life, writing allowed him to share experiences that only those
that lived it would understand. Driven by doubt and nay-sayers, Juhnell took a chance and reached out
to URBAN AINT DEAD, and within a month, he was signed to the UAD family.

With his first book dropping in the spring of ’22, Juhnell saw a brighter future in sight and enrolled in a
creative writing course through Stratford Career Institute. As he strives to be a better writer Juhnell is
also fighting for his freedom and hopes to be a voice for the victims of the justice system.

Kyiris Ashley

Kyiris Ashley, nicked named “The Key to Urban Fiction” was born on August 13th in Detroit MI. Kyiris developed her love for writing as early as nine, when she won a short story contest in the fourth grade. From there, she went on to continue to write stories, and hand them off to her classmates. Kyiris dreamed of having the success of her favorite authors Mary Monroe, Omar Tyree and Eric Jerome Dicky, as she manifested her writing career at an early age.

            In early 2019, Kyiris co-wrote and released her first novel under a pen name, before coming into her own as Kyiris Ashley. At the start of the pandemic in early 2020, Kyiris Ashley began writing the Blended Families trilogy, which quickly gave her the title of best-selling author. As of today, Kyiris is still bringing the heat with her pen, as she writes novels and scripted movies and series.



Born and raised in the Mid West, Toola is a freelance writer, essayist, poet, former gang member, hustler, and CEO/Founder of the now defunct music production company, "Lethal Weapon Entertainment." He has an Associates Degree in General Education and is the Founder of Apprised Prisoner Publications, with several pieces of writing published in the field of small press.

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Ashley Williams

A Louisiana native, Ashley Williams has always had a passion for music and acting. Her skill in writing
wasn’t discovered until she was sentenced to a 10-year prison sentence. After watching her peers pen
multiple books, she decided to write a few of her own. With a unique sense of storytelling, Ashley was
able to catch the attention of Urban Aint Dead publications. Ashley is bringing her own twist to the
Urban fiction world one character at a time and is bringing her readers along for the ride.


Manny Black

Manny Black is a New Jersey native who’s been perfecting his craft since the days of scribbling raps in his yellow and white pads about the late 90’s, to crossing over to Street Lit manuscripts a decade later, since the rap game was in his rear view mirror due to a lengthy prison sentence in New Jersey State Prison.

Despite the odds set against him, he was so creative, he was set free by his unique writing skills, which brought the streets to his cell. With a plethora of novels waiting to hit the market and take the industry by storm, he manifested his debut series, “Good Girls Gone Rogue.”

s currently accepting submissions.

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