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Elijah R. Freeman

Elijah R. Freeman is an author from Riverdale, Georgia, and a UBAWA Top 100 Author’s award winner. Having penned eight novels so far, he is quickly becoming known as “The Future of Urban Fiction”. He now is the C.E.O of URBAN AINT DEAD, and has made some of the biggest moves from behind the wall. His books have appearedin KITE Magazine, States Vs. Us, Prison Legal News and Aspiring Authors Magazine.

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Meet The Authors

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Telia Teanna

Telia Teanna, born and raised is Stockton, California is a literary influencer
turned author. With a background in journalism and media arts, she took those skills
and used them to fuel a passion project called, “The Urban Hotspot,” where she began
sharing her love for urban fiction books.
After discovering a community of other book lovers, she eventually began sharing
another passion of hers, writing. Finding success in writing short stories, with lot of
support and encouragement from peers and her following, she was invited to participate
in an anthology titled: “90’s Kinda Love.”
With a promising literary career on the horizon, Telia intends to bring you sexy
and eccentric stories that will leave you lusting for more.


Juhnell Morgan

JUHNELL MORGAN, raised in Chicago and forced into the system at a very young age, found himself
exposed to the violent street life and earned himself the title of a “gangster.” As the streets guarantee,
you will either end up in a cell or a casket, Juhnell landed a 50-year prison sentence at the age of 20 as
the result of the street life.

After spending his first 10 years in segregation, he had to make a change so he began focusing on
writing. Having been through the street life, writing allowed him to share experiences that only those
that lived it would understand. Driven by doubt and nay-sayers, Juhnell took a chance and reached out
to URBAN AINT DEAD, and within a month, he was signed to the UAD family.

With his first book dropping in the spring of ’22, Juhnell saw a brighter future in sight and enrolled in a
creative writing course through Stratford Career Institute. As he strives to be a better writer Juhnell is
also fighting for his freedom and hopes to be a voice for the victims of the justice system.



Born and raised in Harlem, NY, Authoress Nai has always been ahead of her time. Her love for writing and reading gave her the confidence to submit her first novel to a popular publishing house. After completing her first three book series, she pushed forward in the game, building and expanding her reader base. As she continues to build a name in the Urban Fiction industry as The Hood Love Dealer, Nai’s goal has always been to highlight hood romance in all of its many facets. With her witty sense of humor and her NY swag, she has the ability to bring her characters alive and take her readers on a journey they never forget.



Born and raised in the Mid West, Toola is a freelance writer, essayist, poet, former gang member, hustler, and CEO/Founder of the now defunct music production company, "Lethal Weapon Entertainment." He has an Associates Degree in General Education and is the Founder of Apprised Prisoner Publications, with several pieces of writing published in the field of small press.

Kyiris Ashley

Kyiris Ashley, nicked named “The Key to Urban Fiction” was born on August 13th in Detroit MI. Kyiris developed her love for writing as early as nine, when she won a short story contest in the fourth grade. From there, she went on to continue to write stories, and hand them off to her classmates. Kyiris dreamed of having the success of her favorite authors Mary Monroe, Omar Tyree and Eric Jerome Dicky, as she manifested her writing career at an early age.

            In early 2019, Kyiris co-wrote and released her first novel under a pen name, before coming into her own as Kyiris Ashley. At the start of the pandemic in early 2020, Kyiris Ashley began writing the Blended Families trilogy, which quickly gave her the title of best-selling author. As of today, Kyiris is still bringing the heat with her pen, as she writes novels and scripted movies and series.


Manny Black

Manny Black is a New Jersey native who’s been perfecting his craft since the days of scribbling raps in his yellow and white pads about the late 90’s, to crossing over to Street Lit manuscripts a decade later, since the rap game was in his rear view mirror due to a lengthy prison sentence in New Jersey State Prison.

Despite the odds set against him, he was so creative, he was set free by his unique writing skills, which brought the streets to his cell. With a plethora of novels waiting to hit the market and take the industry by storm, he manifested his debut series, “Good Girls Gone Rogue.”

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Ashley Williams

A Louisiana native, Ashley Williams has always had a passion for music and acting. Her skill in writing
wasn’t discovered until she was sentenced to a 10-year prison sentence. After watching her peers pen
multiple books, she decided to write a few of her own. With a unique sense of storytelling, Ashley was
able to catch the attention of Urban Aint Dead publications. Ashley is bringing her own twist to the
Urban fiction world one character at a time and is bringing her readers along for the ride.


Huff Tha Great

Rashad Hough, pen name, HUFF THA GREAT, is a young African-American author from Washington D.C. Eight years in, he still doing it like he never left the streets.

Having really lived the life that he writes about, he's giving it to you raw and uncut, showing you how this street shit really is.

Follow him on IG @ifl_huff or write him directly at the address below:

Rashad Hough 43437-007


P.O BOX 2068

INEZ KY., 41224


Mia Sky

   Mia Sky is a twenty-six year old author from Oakland, California. She Is the oldest of four siblings. Mia has been writing since age 7. When she was younger she started with music, from music to poetry, and poetry to novellas. When her grandfather passed away she gave up her dream of becoming a writer with no hope or thrive to continue.

In 2014 author Mia Sky, then discovered a writing app called wattpad. In less than two months of free-writing her book Lul Shay, it became popular on the app with about 5,000 reads. Multiple publishers reached out to Mia but she had no intentions in signing with any companies or even self-publishing.

Mia has always been a writer who loves to write. Entertaining others and writing stories other people relate to was just her thing. Her ultimate goal is to be as great as some of her favorite authors.

As of now, Mia is signed with Urban Aint Dead Publications while continuing her education in Forensic Psychology and producing several articles for her blog. She has been ghost writing, editing, and content creating as well throughout her journey as a writer.


P. Wise

P. Wise (Pretti Wise) is a National and International Best Selling author of fiction literature, whose experiences and imagination have shaped her to write about her ideas. She is originally from Trinidad and Tobago but grew up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn; also spent a great deal of time in Philadelphia and Chester.​
Having experienced and witnessed different events in her life, she has a variety of perspectives that almost any and everyone can understand. The love to write stemmed from a young age, as she enjoyed essay writing and penning her journal.​
Coming from a lower-class family, she’s a first-generation college graduate, but also, the first to enter and survive a federal prison sentence. With ambition, intelligence, and absurdly high tenacity, she'll have her place in the fiction game.​
P. Wise has a 3 year old daughter, who's her world and reason for her grind.



DiamondATL is a rapper and serial-entrepreneur who saw her rise to fame in the mid-2000’s as a former member of the Atlanta-based hip-hop group, Crime Mob. With popular hits such as “Knuck If You Buck” and “Rock Yo Hips,” this star’s distinct voice and energetic performances helped her continue to flourish as she pursed a solo career. With 14 musical projects to date, this ambitious artist shows no signs of letting up when it comes to her passion.

Diamond has continued to shine on the big screen having been featured in 8 movies and really shot into stardom when she ventured into reality television and joined the casts of popular reality TV shows “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” where her fans get a glimpes into her life and career allowing them to get to know her on a more personal level.

As she continues to grow and thrive, this multi-talented boss chick continues to add skills and talents to her resume. The owner of Diamond Glow Skin Care and The Diamond Collection, a collection of fragrances for men and women, fans can get a little touch of her and her essence to add to their daily lives and routines. Also an Executive TV producer, Diamond Kutz chronicles the rap artist giving a group of women an opportunity to win $10,000 and a spot in her salon, Diamond Glow Skin. Diamond Kutz: Atlanta Season Two will be coming soon.

Now also an authoress, her debut novel, alongside Authoress Nai,  “Thug Me The Right Way,” is only the beginning of something fresh and new from this well-known and loved artist and unique TV personality.

s currently accepting submissions.

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