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We Came Wit' It. You Go Get It!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

2022 was an amazing year for the URBAN AINT DEAD team. We had some great titles drop last year and in 2023 we're still coming with the heat. More titles, more authors, and more of the stories that you love to read.

So in case you missed it, here is a list of all the URBAN AINT DEAD books that were released in 2022:

Despite The Odds: Let The Streets Choose by Juhnell Morgan

Having lost his mother to gun violence in the City of Chicago, young "Bishop" is placed in foster care and is left to figure out how to escape the hell his life has become. Familiar with the streets, he finds a weed connect and proves his grind. Corn, an affiliated boss, takes notice and puts a city block under his control. With his block raining money, Bishop calls Lil Tone to his side, but with him comes drama that interferes with the whole operation. Corn gets knocked, a homie is shot, the Heads are pissed, and Bishop loses the right to control the block.
Forced to relocate and work for another crew, Bishop is desperate for help. After reaching out to an old friend for help with no result, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands. With betrayal and envy at every turn, he has to fight to get back all that was stolen from him while staying off the Cartel’s radar. Despite The Odds is a gritty coming-of-age story in the tough streets of Chicago where few survive.

If you are a fan of books with young, dynamic characters and cautionary tales, this is the story for you! Filled with memorable characters that readers can't help to become attached to and lots of drama, this book will leave you satisfied and longing for more.

Available now on Amazon! Get your copy here. You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!


Hittaz: Get It Back In Blood By Lou Garden Price Sr.

When Mercenary, Joker Red, is double-crossed by his cousin, Skeeter Dukes, he is left to serve years in prison with nothing other than thoughts of vengeance and money as fuel for survival. Coincidentally, the stage for both are set upon his release. Joker Red stumbles across his treacherous cousin at a strip club, murders him in the bathroom, and introduces himself to the club's star stripper, Uzenna Jade, immediately after.
Joker Red falls for the stripper and later on learns that she and twelve other women at the club are slaves of a sex trafficking ring orchestrated by the Italian mafia boss, Big Frank Braga. With his hate for the human trafficking market, his love for the stripper, along with the idea to utilize Uzenna and her female companions to facilitate his narc distribution operation across the U.S, Joker Red calls upon his ex militia group, EIE, to launch an apocalyptic-style attack on the club, killing dozens of mafiosi.
While Joker Red's nation wide drug smuggling scheme is in play, his crew sees money they haven’t seen in years and he enjoys a lusty relationship with Uzeena, who welcomes other women to their bed.
Meanwhile, Big Frank Braga learns who is responsible for the attack on his club, and he wants the head of all those involved...
A deadly storm is on the horizon in New York as the Italian boss of all bosses gears up to take on Joker Red and his EIE force of highly trained military rouges!

If you are looking for an eccentric read filled with lots of action, unforgettable characters, and violence, then this story is just for you. With military and mob ties, this story is sure to have you reading with bated breath waiting to see how this extremely stimulating story ends. Hittaz: Get It Back In Blood is like nothing you've ever read before.

Available now on Amazon! Get your copy here. You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!


Hittaz 2: Real Killaz Don't Miss By Lou Garden Price Sr.

After overcoming the betrayal by his cousin, slaying the dragon that consumed him for years, and starting life fresh and anew, mercenary Joker Red is ready to live life fully with surviving and getting money high on his agenda. However, after encountering Uzenna and the women relegated to the underworld at the strip club, his mission becomes clear, creating a new path to take. Taking on a known ruthless foe and without fear or b*tch in his blood, Joker and EIE, his badass team of former militia rogues, take on the task of crimpling human trafficking, rescuing the women from the throes of sex slaves, prostitution, and a whole lot more.
Echoing the lyrics of a song by T-Pain, Joker falls in love with a stripper, making her his wife. Grateful and thankful to her husband for saving not only her life but the other twelve women as well, Uzenna is happy with the life that they’ve built and live life on their terms, including his need to fulfill his desires in all the ways imaginable. By creating his own family and employing people that he securely trusts, Joker’s drug empire sees endless amounts of money with more ways to increase on the horizon.
However, Joker and EIE can’t get too comfortable, especially when unfortunate news hit their ears. Learning that their rescue mission has more severe consequences than they originally thought, putting them in the direct eyesight of the Italian mafia. What happens when Joker and his team face the Capo de capi, the newest leader of the Italian mafia?
Inescapable bloodshed. Entrenched connections. Dreadful tragedy. Impenetrable love. Immeasurable greed. Cemented revenge. A deadly storm is on the horizon of the city of Chicago and no one is fully prepared. Life for Joker Red and EIE is about change dramatically and the uncertainty of it all is a war within itself.

In this explosive follow-up to part one, the stakes are higher than ever. Action-packed and unique in its own right, Lou Garden Price Sr effortlessly takes us on a wild ride.

Available now on Amazon! Get your copy here. You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!


The Swipe: The Suit and Tie Killers by Toōla

Utilizing the dark web, The Outfit is a high-profiled private organization that hire themselves out for revenge kills. The no-nonsense strategist, Mustafa Purifoy, and his prolific team of killers secretly seek their own brand of justice against any law officer or civilian that engages in the murder of innocent black people. However, their once secret and private organization becomes very public knowledge when it engages in an unsolicited war with a formidable opponent.
From the Pork-and-Beans projects in Over Town and overseeing P-N-B Renegades, Black is the notorious leader of the criminal organization, distributing narcotics throughout the Mid-West. Forming an alliance with his brother, Man-Man, they create The Lick Clique (TLC). Using Man-Man’s degree in computer technology, TLC make millions together, swipin' and extorting high-profile people. However, things quickly change and becomes troublesome when one of TLC’s biggest swipes impedes on The Outfit’s territory, engaging them in a warfare like they’ve never known.
The movement progresses with seemingly unlimited marks and virtually no threat from the law. However, when someone tied to Man-Man crosses Mustafa Purifoy, the no-nonsense boss sets trained killers on the crew. But Mustafa underestimates the leader of P-N-B Renegades, who calls upon his team of street villains as the answer to Mustafa’s suit-and-tie killers. See which mastermind will come out on top in this action-filled urban fiction thriller of The Swipe.

We all know that social media is the cause of a lot of chaos and plays an even bigger role in the fall of many people and their empires. If you love stories full of gang rivalries and street beef, you'll love this exciting tale.

Available now on Amazon! Get your copy here. You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!


2022 was a great year for URBAN AINT DEAD and your new favorite authors...

2023 is going to be an EPIC year not only for URBAN AINT DEAD, but for the urban fiction genre as a whole.



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