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Urban Fiction Books and Reviews

Updated: Apr 28, 2023


In the publishing industry, there are many components that keep it afloat and are vital to a writer’s success.

One of the most important components is reviews. Ideally, if a person were to leave their honest thoughts and opinions about a book after reading it, it not only benefits the author and publisher but other readers, too. It doesn’t matter if the review is good or bad, as there are many contributing factors that aid in the publishing process.

When a reader finds themselves in the review section of a book that they are considering purchasing, that reader can see what others liked and/or disliked about a book. Reviews usually include, what kind of problems or issues the reader encountered in their experience while reading the book, more insight into the plot of the story (hopefully without spoiling the book), and even how the book differs from other titles written by the author. Reviews also help show how engaged and attached readers are to the story after reading it.

For an author that is interested in honing their craft and improving their writing skills, in-depth reviews that explain and give reasons as to why a reader may or may not have liked specific things about their book can make all the difference in an author’s work. Essentially, making it easier for authors to bring you more of the stories you love and enjoy.

Now that we know why leaving book reviews can be beneficial overall to both authors and readers alike, let’s talk about why they are so important to the Urban Fiction genre. Reviews play a major role in the Urban Fiction genre as we can use them to dramatically change and improve the quality of the genre. We find that readers of Urban Fiction are being more honest and open about overused storylines, editing, and grammatical errors that litter the pages of so many Urban books, and just about anything else that they could think of. We’ve reached a point in our genre where the readers are demanding change and improvement, and Urban authors and publishers are being forced to rise to the occasion in order to continue to thrive in this industry.

Everyone and everything has a part to play in this industry and that’s what keeps us learning, growing, and expanding. So readers the next time you finish reading a book, remember the key part that you play in the process, and leave an honest review.

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