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Urban Fiction and It’s Beloved Sub-Genres

When it comes to Urban Fiction, the majority of bookstores would have most thinking that the very much present and thriving genre is dead. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The genre is very much alive and well with a sea of flavors and options to choose from. Many of us are familiar with the Urban Fiction genre as a whole, but the sub-genres within it is where the magic happens. From Street Lit to Urban Romance, and even Urban Erotica, there's something for everyone.

Sub-genres allow readers to find exactly what they're looking for. Maybe you're in the mood for a gritty tale about life in the projects. Or maybe you're looking for a story about a hustla trying to come up in the rap game. Whatever your taste, there's a sub-genre that caters to it. Without these specific categories, it would be a lot harder to find the type of Urban Fiction that speaks to you.

But it's not just about convenience. Sub-genres also help to create a sense of community among readers and writers. When you're a fan of a particular sub-genre, you can connect with others who share your passion. You can swap recommendations, discuss your favorite authors, and even attend events together. This sense of belonging is especially important for marginalized groups who may not see themselves represented in mainstream literature.

Sub-genres also allow for greater creativity within the genre as a whole. When writers know they have a specific audience in mind, they can take risks and push boundaries. They can experiment with different styles, explore niche topics, and bring their own unique perspective to the table. This diversity of voices is what makes Urban Fiction so vibrant, exciting, and very much alive.

Below, you will find a list of 8 of the most popular sub-genres that fall under Urban Fiction:

1. Street Lit: The OG subgenre of Urban Fiction is all about the gritty stories of what life is like for individuals that come straight from the streets and drop right in the muddy depths of the trenches of some of the most impoverished areas across the globe. It’s one of the most beloved genres due to how raw and uncut these stories are, and how much they resonate with readers from similar backgrounds.

Book Recommendations: Khadafi: The Beginning by Anthony Fields

Description: The prequel to THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE series, LUTHER KHADAFI FULLER looks back on his life trying to understand why he is the cold blooded killer he is.

2. Urban Drama: This sub-genre is all about the struggles and triumphs of everyday life in the neighborhood. Whether it's family, friends, or just trying to make it in a tough world, these stories will hit you right in the feels.

3. Urban Romance: A very popular sub-genre among Black women, these stories feature a lot of the same environments and situations as Street Lit, but the focus in the drama is Romance of course. Whether it's a steamy fling or a long-term commitment, Urban Romance has got you covered.

Book Recommendation: Breadcrumbs by Ashantay Keys

Description: The Coalman Brothers have made their way in the streets. Money, respect, and the women of their choosing. With the eldest brother Aziz, at the helm, being abandoned by their father as children forged a bonded will to survive. However, for him, beneath the layers of strength and leadership, are the crumbs of anger, distrust, and an unhealed heart. Then there’s Diamond Kees. Bold, beautiful, and in tuned with herself. Despite his beastly efforts, Aziz cannot escape her, nor can she, him. He is her person and no matter her pain, her heart remains open to giving him the love he needs. When tragedy strikes, though, Aziz is left with an ultimate decision. Will he become the man he wished his father would be, or continue the cycle of false joy and real pain?

4. Urban Thriller: If you're looking for heart-pumping action and suspense, Urban Thriller is the subgenre for you. These stories are all about crime, danger, and the thrill of the chase. You won't be able to put these books down.

5. Urban Fantasy: This genre is like regular fantasy, but with a twist! Think magic, mythical creatures, and otherworldly adventures, all set in the middle of the hood. Do we need to say more?

Book Recommendation: A Beauty To His Beast by Natavia

Description: Kanya Williamson is a twenty-three year old plus-size beauty whose ancestors originated from Ancient Africa. Kanya has been heart-broken from her past that is until she sees a strange figure in the woods. From that moment on her life spirals out of control until she meets, Goon. When Kanya and Goon start to date, her life seems complete until secrets start unraveling and strange things start happening. Goon has a secret that he is harboring, he is a werewolf. Xavier is in love with Kanya but there is a problem, he is a werewolf also. What will happen when two territorial Alpha's cross paths? In this exciting thriller there is a lot of hidden secrets, sex, lies, and lust that will keep you on edge.

6. Urban Erotica: If you're looking for a read that’s hot, heavy, and full of flavor, then this sub-genre is definitely for you! These stories are intense, provocative, unapologetic, and don’t shy away from exploring taboo subjects. Want to finish a book breathless? Then give one of these books a read!

7. Urban Horror: Urban Horror is not for the faint of heart. These stories are all about the creepy sh*t that goes down in the shadows and behind closed doors of urban cities and impoverished areas. You’ll be sleeping with the lights on after reading these books.

Book Recommendation: On The Run: The Legend of Mercy and Mayhem – Niki Jilvontae

Description: Hell has no fury like a soul scorned! That saying couldn’t be truer when it comes to the two lost souls in this book. Come on a gory, bloody, murderous thrill ride following Mercy and Mayhem as Lacey explores the legend of the couple dubbed as the hood Mickey and Mallory Knox. After witnessing her entire family being murdered and becoming grotesquely disfigured herself, ten years later Lacey discovers the diaries of the demons from her nightmares and sets out to get her revenge. Take this gruesome, rollercoaster ride and explore the mind of the world’s most notorious ghetto serial killers… if you dare!

8. Inspired Stories and Retellings: This special genre can be quite the controversial one, but these stories are just as valid and needed as any other category of books. These are the books inspired by other books written by some of the most famous and revered authors and artists. Most of these books contain the look and/or vibe of some of the author's favorite writers and books. Often times these books are retellings of classics with a fresh new perspective and modern-day feel that readers love and appreciate.

9. Urban Coming-of-Age: These stories are all about growing up in the hood. These stories explore the challenges and experiences of adolescence, from first love to finding your place in the world. You'll relate to the characters and their struggles as they navigate the complexities of everyday life in their worlds.

Book Recommendation: Ride Wit’ Me by Joy Deja King

Description: Check out Mercedes and Dalvin, two beautiful young lovers in a modern day story that is destined to be a classic. Mercedes is truly a daddy s girl. She is his crown jewel and nothing in the world is more precious to him. Mercedes does everything to please her father until she falls in love the very first time.
Dalvin is a rising Kingpin. His family runs the streets of Chicago, and he is destined to take over the helm one day. Falling in love is the last thing on his mind until he meets Mercedes Clinton. He s instantly mesmerized by her beauty. She is the girl of his dreams and someone he immediately feels he s destined to spend the rest of his life with.
But sometimes in love, things are not meant to be. Parents can sometimes seem to be your enemy and the streets will always have their way of trying to destroy anything good. Will Mercedes and Dalvin fall victim to the obstacles standing in their way, or will they fight against the odds and ride it out.

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