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The Future of Urban Fiction

Updated: Apr 28, 2023


If you are an avid reader of Urban Fiction and like to stay in the know about the latest trends and hot up-and-coming authors, then you are aware of the common misconception that the Urban Fiction genre is “over-saturated,” which is simply false.

It’s clear with all of the advancements in technology and the presence of social media that the book industry has changed drastically and will only continue to change as we grow and evolve as a society. As a result of these changes, it’s getting easier and easier for people to tell their stories and share them with the masses.

There are many people who want to write a book, have the capability and skill to do so, but lack the confidence to take action because there’s a perception of the urban fiction genre being crowded and low quality.

What people fail to realize is that the urban fiction genre has a wonderful opportunity for growth and expansion. In doing so, this is going to require readers and writers alike to look outside of themselves, expand their minds, and both create and receive things with great intent and purpose.

This would spark unity in our community while we share, connect, and relate through storytelling, a form of art (some would even say tradition) that’s withstood the test of time. It will also spark creativity and innovation in others as our stories heal and shine light in the shadows.

We’ve reached a new era in urban fiction where it’s a perfect time explore the depths of the unknown and venture into new territories waiting to be conquered. We’ve only scratched the surface of this genre, it’s time to challenge the norm and dig deeper.

Readers: Give authors the space and grace to grow, evolve and take you to new horizons and/or suck you into the vastness of the dark… If you dare ;).

Authors: Now is the perfect time to get creative and explore new possibilities and ample opportunity. Forge your own path. Write from your heart. Write with purpose and intent.

The new era of urban fiction has arrived…

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