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Sunday Movie Lineup: Black Book Edition

Sundays are for relaxing, regrouping for the upcoming week, reading our favorite stories, and rewatching our favorite movies. If you’re anything like me, you love a good Black literature turned-film lineup.


Here are some urban literature stories that will complete your bookshelves and movies that will make your Sunday Movie Day. If you need something new to read or watch, these books turned movies are a perfect addition to your Sunday routine.



The Family Business x Carl Weber

Prominent family - The Duncans are all about big houses and the lavish lifestyle, but even that can’t compete with over-the-top drama and secrets. The Family Business keeps us in their business with seven total books and four seasons of their television series - enough drama to keep you reading and binge-watching.


True To The Game x Teri Woods

Teri Woods changed the game with the street classic - True To The Game. After Gena finds herself falling in love with the infamous drug dealer, Quadir - the couple faces challenges in both the street life and their personal life. Can they reign on top and still stay true to the game? With three books and three movies, Teri Woods proves the grass isn’t greener on the other side.


Addicted x Zane

Businesswoman Zoe has it all. She has the career, the love of her life, and the picture-perfect family. But her overpowering addiction to sex and pleasure puts everything in jeopardy for Zoe and her family. Both the novel and movie show how lustful pride can lead to danger.


Cameron x Jade Jones

Student by day and exotic dancer by night, Cameron is studying and hustling her way to graduation. But after meeting Silk, Cameron realizes through temptation, desires, and betrayals that the adult entertainment world may not be the world for her. With nine books that complete the series, Jade Jones keeps you on your toes for more.


Honorable Mentions: Waiting to Exhale & How Stella Got Her Groove Back x Terry McMillan

With popular novels like Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Terry McMillan made it her prerogative to represent and tell the stories of Black womanhood through trials & tribulations, friendships, relationships, and intimacy - giving Black women the voice to voice their experiences and showcase their emotions.

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