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Author Spotlight: Nai

Today, we are sitting down with Nai for the second time to discuss her upcoming release, “A Summer To Remember With My Hitta.”

1. Okay, Nai, you’ve already given us Charge It To The Game 1 and 2. What is it that The Hood Love Dealer will be giving us with this new release?

I’m going back to the essence and giving you butterflies with this one. It’s really a hood love story based around fate. This one is for my like at first sight girlies. This is for the thugs who know a good thing when it’s put in front of them.

2. Between this release and Charge It To The Game 1 and 2, which of these did you enjoy writing the most?

Oooh, umm, to be honest, I really enjoyed writing this summer book. Not only because it was short and sweet but because I am such a lover girl at heart. Charisma is nothing like any of my female characters in Charge It To The Game. Although she’s a strong girl, she doesn’t tote a gun. She’s basking in her “Bost” girl era; boss and soft girl. And yes, I just made that up, lol.

3. What is it about this book that makes it different than the rest of your books? What makes this book special to you?

This one is special to me because it kind of mirrors my book, Summertime With My New York Bae. While in that story the characters had history, the characters in this one have none, but the chemistry is still on, nonetheless. It’s different because while I love a good drama, the drama in this one is lighter than usual.

4. What inspired “A Summer To Remember With My Hitta?”

It’s simple, I am having a timeee with mine, lol. No forreal, I wanted to write a flirtatious, like story where two people meet each other during an awkward moment and end up finding their person. Sometimes people just come into your life and take your world by storm…in a good way.

5. I think that many of us by now that you really be coming through for all the girlies that love them a good hood love story. What do you think your readers will love the most about Charisma and Hasan?

I think they’ll love the banter between the two of them. They really cut up in a good way. Anything fly Hasan says out his mouth, Charisma got some flyer shit to say. I really love this couple. They’re in my top 5 couples for sure.

6. What was your favorite part about writing this book?

My favorite part was writing the interactions between Hasan and his daughter. I love writing loving, healthy, father/daughter relationships. The way Hasan dotes over little Bella is the cutest thing.

7. Now you already know what most of us are going to be asking you… Will we be seeing more from these characters?

Hmmm, I haven’t thought that far along, but ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

8. What can we expect next from Nai, The Hood Love Dealer?

Expect Charge It To The Game 3. Expect more hood love stories that make you swoon and wanna go find your boo/bae. I have a lot in the vault that I’m working on. Just come on the journey, we are sure to have a timeeee.

As we prepare for the release of Nai’s summer hit, get caught up with her latest series, Charge It To The Game. Click here for part one, and here for part two. You can also read it free with Kindle Unlimited, here.

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