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Author Spotlight: Nai

Here at URBAN AINT DEAD, we like to put a spotlight on our authors and let them shine. This will allow our readers to get to know some of your favorite authors more personally and even get an inside scoop about the making of some of your favorite URBAN AINT DEAD titles.

This week, we asked Nai one question:

What does being an author mean to you?

This is what she had to say:

When I first started writing, I used it as a way to cope with life experiences. As time went on, that need to cope through the words I put on paper eventually became my passion. To me, being an author signifies, creative escape. In the pages of my novels, I’m able to escape reality and create a space where its just me and the characters I whip up in my head. I push myself to create strong women who love hard and thugs who aren’t afraid to love out loud.
Of course, there’s a whole bunch of drama, plot twists, and intense moments in between. Ultimately, its what keeps the readers entertained. I wrote my first trilogy while working a desk job and knew I was onto something when I read a few chapters to a close friend and she began to come up with her own ideas as to what would happen next. It only fueled my passion and let me know then that I wanted to write the stories that evoked some kind of feeling. Whether it was laughter, tears, anger, I wanted to pull that emotion from my readers.
More than that, I knew I had to be different. While I write “hood stories”, my books have been based around some kind of love element. I’m a lover girl through and through, lol. So, it’s always my goal to show our love (that good ol’ hood love) in some form or fashion. Being an Urban Fiction author, often times I have a front row seat to the things I write about and to be able to draw from those life experiences is a plus. It’s a genre that I’m proud to be able to continue to contribute to and its only UP from here.
Yours truly,
The Hood Love Dealer💜

As we prepare for the release of the next installment of her latest series, Charge It To The Game 2: Family Or Foe, make sure you get caught up with part one here! You can also read it free with Kindle Unlimited, here.

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