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Author Spotlight: Nai

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Here at URBAN AINT DEAD, one of our authors will be spotlighted on our blog every week. This will allow our readers to get to know some of your favorite authors more personally and even get an inside scoop about the making of some of your favorite URBAN AINT DEAD titles.

This week, we asked Nai one question:

"If you could name three books that influenced your writing style the most, what would they be and why?"

And this is what she had to say:

"Three books that have influenced my writing style would be “Duffle Bag Bitches” by Alicia Howard, “Thug Passion” by Mz. Lady P, and “The Cartel” by Ashley & JaQuavis. The writing styles of the authors were captivating from page one. I was able to visualize the characters and the different scenes as if I myself were apart of the story. Most of all, I loved the unique ways the men loved their women with no inhibitions. When I decided I wanted to be an author, I knew that my stories would be full of plot twists, relatable characters, storylines that would be memorable, and a book bae or two. I think I’ve done a great job of keeping readers enthralled with each of my characters and leaving a lasting impression. I can’t wait for you to step into my world and watch as I continue to cast a wide lens on hood love.
From Yours Truly, "The Hood Love Dealer."

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