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An Interview with Kyiris Ashley

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Today, as we sitting down with Kyiris Ashley to ask her a few questions about her latest release, “The State’s Witness: An Unwanted Dilemma.”

Here’s a peek into the mind of one of the hot new voices here at URBAN AINT DEAD:

1. What inspired you to write The State's Witness: An Unwanted Dilemma?

"Well, “The State's Witness” was inspired by a series of events that happened with a friend of mine. She worked the front desk at a hotel and has seen her share of craziness throughout her years there. The State’s Witness is my interpretation of events that occurred during her time there."

2. What do you want your readers to take away from your story?

"I would like for my readers to understand that you can’t choose the life you were given. Sometimes, certain circumstances will put you in positions you wouldn’t normally be in. It’s how you react in those moments that builds your character."

3. How did you feel upon the completion of your story?

"Anytime I finish a book, I always feel accomplished, this book was no different. I feel like I did something great, and I’m just getting started."

4. Your book is finally out! How has the anticipation been? Are you nervous about how readers will view this incredible story?

"Honestly, I’m never nervous when I release a book. I love getting my voice out to the world and creating stories for my readers to enjoy."

5. Which of your scenes or chapters did you enjoy writing the most? Why?

"My favorite scenes to write are always the jaw dropping plot twists. It’s something about building the anticipation up then dropping the bomb that excites me. Those are always my favorite scenes to write."

6. Going into the next book, what are you looking forward to most?

"When it comes to the next book, I’m even more excited about that one than I was about part one. I’m looking forward to going deeper into the lives of the characters I’ve created, as well as telling what happens next."

7. If you could describe the vibe of your book in five words. What would they be?

"Wow, what a great and challenging question. However, if I had to decide the vibe of my book in only five words, it would be: From the Streets, with love."

A State’s Witness: An Unwanted Dilemma by Kyiris Ashley is available for purchase now in the URBAN AINT DEAD shop. You can also read this title free with Kindle Unlimited, here.

This is a book you don’t want to sleep on.

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