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An Interview with Ashley Williams

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Today, we sit down with Ashley Williams to ask her a few questions about her latest release, “A Setup For Revenge."

Here’s a peek into the mind of one of the hot new voices here at URBAN AINT DEAD:

1. Where was your mind when you started writing “A Setup For Revenge?” What kind of impact were you looking to make with this story?

Being in prison, watching different things go on, people going through different cases. So basically, I just put what I learned from those cases and put what I've been through and summed it all up putting a great fiction story together. My stories can teach a lot of people lessons on what to do and not to do and where it could lead you. I’m just trying to deliver a positive message of what really goes on in real life. I can relate!

2. What are you looking forward to the most about your new release?

Mainly being able to say “I did it.” I did exactly what I said I would do upon my release. I worked hard and got my story noticed. I did exactly what most said would all be a dream and that things like this didn't happen for ex-cons. Thanks UAD! Secondly, knowing I just gave my readers a great story.

3. What was the process of writing “A Setup For Revenge” like for you? What was your biggest challenge?

The process of writing “A Setup For Revenge” was pretty easy for me. I’ve lived through some events that occurred in my book, it was something I could relate to. When you can relate to something it flows out like water and that’s exactly how it happened for me. My biggest challenge was making sure I put just enough to get my point across and to keep my readers interested in getting to know my characters and myself.

4. What inspired this story?

One Word. “Life.”

5. Who was your favorite character to write and why?

I would have to say Cameron aka Babygirl. She stayed solid during her toughest times; she got back up and kept it pushin’ when life knocked her down. Cameron remained solid even when she felt betrayed!

6. What did you learn about yourself and your writing during the publishing process?

I learned how to accept constructive criticism from a much-experienced writer and that I had a great story that must be told.

7. How are you feeling going into your next book? What are you excited to get to next in this series?

I'm excited going into my next book, introducing new characters. I'm super excited to write about Lily's karma for how she did Cameron.

A Setup For Revenge by Ashley Williams is available for purchase now in the URBAN AINT DEAD shop. You can also read this title free with Kindle Unlimited, here.

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