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This Time Won’t You Save Me by Kyiris Ashley

This Time Won’t You Save Me by Kyiris Ashley

Sisters Cove and Aspen Billups had a life filled with everything they needed and wanted. They had two loving parents who would do anything for them, a comfortable home, and access to all the amenities that a wealthy life allotted them. When their loving family environment is ripped away from them after the brutal murder of their parents, the sisters are sent to live with their mother’s estranged sister, where their lives quickly go from bad to worse.

Aspen, now a teenager, finds out vital information about the murder of her parents. She attempts to take matters in her own hands, which seemingly leaves Cove stuck between a rock and a hard place. Not having any immediate family left, Cove puts her sister before herself in attempts to clean up the mess she’s made.

Meanwhile, Aspen is having a tough time in her relationship, going through the betrayal of a cheating spouse. When Aspen and her two best friends, Brianna and Justice come up with a plan to get revenge on Aspen’s ex-boyfriend, they quickly turn that plan into a career, putting their loved ones and themselves in one dangerous situation after another. Will Aspen come out on top, or will she let the streets dictate her life forever?

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