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The State's Witness: An Unwanted Dilemma

The State's Witness: An Unwanted Dilemma

Growing up in the foster care system, Nakia snatched up her baby brother as soon as she turned 18 years old and jetted away from her foster home, taking care of him on her own. Fast forward years later, Nakia is a beautiful, hard-working, single mom of a 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter with her brother still by her side. After tragically losing her children's father, love hasn't been on her radar until a setup by her best friend caused her to change her mind.

Working as a front desk associate at the Courtyard Marriott, her only focus is to make a living for herself and her children, bringing as much joy and laughter into their lives as possible. Although a lot of unsavory things go down at the hotel, Nakia minds her own business until a suspecting guest starts exhibiting suspicious behavior, causing concern for the company that he keeps. When Nakia and her co-workers witness a potentially volatile situation, they alert the proper authorities, unknowingly putting their lives at risk and their jobs in jeopardy.

With her life heading in a new and positive direction, Nakia is unaware of the imminent danger that's lurking in the shadows, especially one that's living right under her nose. Placed in an unwanted dilemma, check out how Nakia gets caught up unintentionally in becoming an unofficial state witness in this thrilling, action-filled drama.

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