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The Hottest Summer Ever

The Hottest Summer Ever

Kush is the very definition of Daddy's little girl. Whatever she wants, she gets. There's no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy in the hood, just Daddy, her knight in shining armor. But when he was murdered, her life spirals out of control. A child in the hands of a negligent mother, Kush is forced to kill in self-defense. Sent to YDC and later orphaned, she meets Redd in the streets of Atlanta. Together they link up with Bear, a mastermind who is seemingly a Jack of all trades. With his help, they put together a crew, and pull a number of capers to raise their status.

Suddenly the tables are turned. A member leaves the crew for a shot at legitimacy. Enemies made along the way are plotting to retaliate. Loyalty is tested, and close friends are turning up dead. A target now, Kush must find the enemy, and put an end to the threat. As the pieces come together, she realizes that the forces gathered are more powerful than her own...


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