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Tales 4rm Da Dale

Tales 4rm Da Dale

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There's a saying in Riverdale: sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to make stuff right. Tales 4rm Da Dale is a peek at the lives of street-smart men and women who take this to heart and experience horrid lessons of a lifetime.

In Money Blessings, Rico grinds day-in day-out in the trap. Cursed by the streets, he is face to face with the fact no strategy takes him forward in the game, and that for every gain there's an even greater loss. Fed up, Rico falls weak to the enigmatic pull of a root doctor and the lure of a simple way out. Suddenly, he is blessed by the game. Money comes, but all money ain't good money...

Ma Dukez is the tale of a young teen kicked out on the street. With no place to go, J-Rock teams up with his partna, Black, and an old head named G. Together they orchestrate several licks while J-Rock struggles to accept the severed relationship with his mother. A day of mishaps and a botched move later, J-Rock is left for dead, so-called friends are nowhere to be found, and a mother's love is tested.

Rell has just been convicted of murder and is scheduled for sentencing the next day. While on lockdown, his bunk mate Juvi- a young, rambunctious teen from Atlanta- becomes restless and nerve-racking to the point of a headache. Rell is seconds away from exploding, but when Juvi asks him to tell him a story to pass the time he feels that maybe his story could be the wake-up call Juvi needs to Chill Out.


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