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Stuck In The Trenches 2: Flush Season

Stuck In The Trenches 2: Flush Season

When you playing in the streets, disloyalty is the name of the game. Loyalty is only reserved for a select few. And in this finale of Stuck In the Trenches 2: Flush Season, disloyalty is running rampant like a bull in Spain.

Savage, Sky, and Freaky realize how true the saying is, “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.” No one is safe from being robbed or flushed out. Many lives are shattered in multiple ways. Sex is being passed around on a silver platter like it’s hors d’oeuvre at a fancy party. Betrayal happens in a heartbeat and without a second thought when life or death situations arise. Living a Savage Life comes with dire consequences, either a narrow jail cell or a dreary grave. See how it all ends for Savage, Sky, and Freaky in book two of this fast-paced, action-filled urban fiction series.

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