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IN The Streetz by Tron Hill

IN The Streetz by Tron Hill

In the gritty streets of Atlanta, Ace, a young and desperate child, finds himself taken under the wing of a powerful drug dealer. In this dangerous world, he’s taught the ruthless ways of drug trafficking and violence. As Ace becomes more deeply entwined in this criminal family, he soon discovers the harsh reality of disloyalty among the people he thought he could trust.

Amid the treacherous schemes and betrayals, Ace begins to question his loyalty to this makeshift family. He realizes that the only person he can truly rely on is himself and his steadfast friend, Whiteboy. Together, they navigate the perilous underworld of Atlanta, striving to break free from the grip of a deadly criminal mentor and seek a way out of the life they’ve been thrusted into.

This gripping tale is a journey of self-discovery, survival, and the enduring bond between Ace and Whiteboy as they attempt to escape the clutches of poverty and forge their own names in the streets.

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