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Hittaz 3: Contact Killaz

Hittaz 3: Contact Killaz

The heart-pounding Hittaz saga continues…

To solidify a blood pact with the head boss of the Italian mafia, Big Frank Braga and the infamous Chicago Crime Syndicate, Joker Red’s rogue army of killaz agrees to complete a nearly impossible mission: eliminate eighty of the most dangerous Mexican cartel’s smugglers and assassins in Chicago. In return, The EIE will inherit the prize of the entire Midwestern "Meth Alley.” Because of its dangerous complexity, the mercenaries are on alert that all may not make it back home. Now that the war has started, will it end like they planned.

If that isn’t enough, Joker Red believes that he has a lock on trust and loyalty between his wives and the team that he has built and employed. However, he is completely shaken when he discovers a shocking and unforeseen betrayal. How will Joker Red handle this unexpected development? Will it shake not only him but the foundation of the world he created with his wives and team?

In this third installment of the Hittaz saga, everything seems to come up a bloody mess. Death, secrets, betrayal, and other game-changers are draped up in this story. Nothing and no one is off limits. Tap in and see how things with Joker, his wives, and EIE continue to unfold in book 3 of this urban fiction mercenary story.

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