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Despite The Odds

Despite The Odds

SKU: 978-1-7-7355238-4-2

Having lost his mother to gun violence in the City of Chicago, young "Bishop" is placed in foster care and is left to figure out how to escape the hell his life has become. Familiar with the streets, he finds a weed connect and proves his grind. Corn, an affiliated boss, takes notice and puts a city block under his control. With his block raining money, Bishop calls Lil Tone to his side, but with him comes drama that interferes with the whole operation. Corn gets knocked, a homie is shot, the Heads are pissed, and Bishop loses the right to control the block.

Forced to relocate and work for another crew, Bishop is desperate for help. After reaching out to an old friend for help with no result, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands. With betrayal and envy at every turn, he has to fight to get back all that was stolen from him while staying off the Cartel’s radar. Despite The Odds is a gritty coming of age story in the tough streets of a Chicago where few survive

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