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Atlantastan: Chaos City by Chris Green

Atlantastan: Chaos City by Chris Green

Rude Boy aka Khalifa Bah is a notorious figure throughout the streets of Atlanta; the New Chaos City of the US. His power stretches with force and his street savvy allows his hand to be pressed against anything that forms a dollar.

After the rules of Choas City is broken with his wife Shanti Yusatfa slain in enemy district territory, bloodshed rises to the ceiling and Rude Boy sets out for revenge.

With his known enemy, Polar and the Kiss Squad crew upping their murder game by the second and the head of Atlanta, Lo running the Districts with an iron fist, Rude Boy must fight for answers.

As he moves about each District taking souls to avenge his love will it cost him everything he’s worked for? In Atlantastan it’s a dog eat dog world. In this gripping street tale find out how far one is willing to go in the name of love and the fight to be crowned King of the streets.

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