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The Swipe: The Suit And Tie Killers by Toōla

The Swipe: The Suit And Tie Killers by Toōla

Utilizing the dark web, The Outfit is a high-profiled private organization that hire themselves out for revenge kills. The no-nonsense strategist, Mustafa Purifoy, and his prolific team of killers secretly seek their own brand of justice against any law officer or civilian that engages in the murder of innocent black people. However, their once secret and private organization becomes very public knowledge when it engages in an unsolicited war with a formidable opponent.

From the Pork-and-Beans projects in Over Town and overseeing P-N-B Renegades, Black is the notorious leader of the criminal organization, distributing narcotics throughout the Mid-West. Forming an alliance with his brother, Man-Man, they create The Lick Clique (TLC). Using Man-Man’s degree in computer technology, TLC make millions together, swipin' and extorting high-profile people. However, things quickly change and becomes troublesome when one of TLC’s biggest swipes impedes on The Outfit’s territory, engaging them in a warfare like they’ve never known.

The movement progresses with seemingly unlimited marks and virtually no threat from the law. However, when someone tied to Man-Man crosses Mustafa Purifoy, the no-nonsense boss sets trained killers on the crew. But Mustafa underestimates the leader of P-N-B Renegades, who calls upon his team of street villains as the answer to Mustafa’s suit-and-tie killers. See which mastermind will come out on top in this action-filled urban fiction thriller of The Swipe.

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