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Good Girls Gone Rogue: Sham & Cynosure

Good Girls Gone Rogue: Sham & Cynosure

Shannon is a normal fourteen-year-old student attending Camden High School. She’s smart, intelligent, and has big plans for her future. Sometimes too smart for her own good. Right by her side is her not-so-smart best friend, Cynthia and the two are thick as thieves. The young teens find themselves influenced by two young men, Boo-Juan and Deshawn, two low-level drug dealers that they meet while taking a walk during their lunch break.

It doesn’t take the girl’s long before they find themselves caught up in the essence of young love, or so they thought, and are diverted from their original good girl paths. Soon after meeting the boys, Shannon, the brains of the group, comes up with a brilliant plan to take Boo-Juan and Deshawn’s petty drugs, and flip it into a successful drug operation that extends out to family and friends.

During this journey, Shannon and Cynthia find out just how cold, cruel, and unfair the dope game can be when things begin to cause more harm than good, and they begin to lose members, money, and respect. It’s then that Shannon is able to understand the consequences of a good girl gone rogue.

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