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New Year, New You?

We are entering 2024 in two weeks, and with the new year comes resolutions we intend to accomplish. And each year, one of my resolutions is to read more. Becoming a better writer and reader means reading more. To help both you and me, I will add some of my favorite tips to help fulfill our aspirations.


1.) Cut back on social media.

I know this list is starting strong, but trust me when I say, it makes a difference. We spend countless hours scrolling on social media for various reasons. It’s an escape from reality. But it’s also an unhealthy habit that can be difficult to overcome, but with the right authors, storylines, and free time, social media wouldn’t be missed.

2.) Listen to your books.

I know everyone has busy schedules and sometimes life doesn’t permit some of us to read a physical book. So, on that car ride to work or while you’re cooking dinner, turn on your favorite audiobook and indulge a little.

3.) Don’t finish a book.

Now, I’m not saying “don’t read,” but it’s okay to not finish a book, especially if you’re not vibing with it. Just keep reading and listening until you find a certain genre or author you’re interested in. You always want reading to be enjoyable and not a task.


As we end the year with the holidays, make sure to check out URBAN AINT DEAD authoress, P. Wise and her brand-new holiday release, Melted The Heart of a Menace to help put you in the holiday spirit.

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